Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday July 22

Visual strategies:
1.Double columns, indicating the “separate”, for a story was spilt with two narrators.
2.Column bridges, suggesting the plots were happening simultaneously, creating a link between the two columns.
3.Repetition, where the “configuration” pushes the character’s psychological flux forward.
4.Description of sound and Printing the stressed sound.
5.Italic is used some parts of the essay
In the essay “ separate kingdom”, a very typical American blue collar family is destructed for the sake of the father’s thumbs’ lost. A series of impact brought by the accident demonstrated the great conflicts entangled in the three members of the family and embodied the crisis buried beneath the fragile relationships. However, the key to the essay is to suggest the understanding between family members cos no matter how serious the crack and divergence exists in the family, understanding is the only way to rescue. Even if the family works as one of most basic unit of the society, it should not be easily crashed down by partial injury.

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